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Using Printed Bookmarks to Market Your Business During a Tough Economy

This is the first of a series of articles on the design and use of print media for value added marketing and advertising during tough economic times. Most businesses, especially small businesses feel they cannot afford to advertise during a down economy. This is exactly the time that they should be advertising. They need to stimulate existing customers to come back or buy more often and attract new customers. Secondly, the value for printed marketing and advertising materials is its highest during today's economy. The demand is lower and supply is high resulting in lower prices for high quality materials.

This article will deal with bookmarks. They are often overlooked as an effective form of print based marketing when in reality they can be one of the most effective. Unlike other forms of print materials, bookmarks have intrinsic value. People use them to mark their place in a book they are reading. If they read every day and using bookmarks you provided, your information is in front of them each and every day. Given today's lower design and printing costs, this racks up to be one of the highest values in print materials.

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The Ultimate Book Launch Party

There is no doubt that the day when you finally hold your book on your hands is one of the happiest days for a writer. After so many months -if not years- of writing, revising, editing, submitting and finally publishing you can see and touch your baby. This occasion calls for a big celebration and what better way to send this book off unto the hands of your readers than with a Book Launch Party.

One of the main considerations for this party is that you probably thought of it way back when you were planning to write the book. The book marketing plan must be prepared before the book itself in order to ensure success. Considering the topic and audience of the book determines the theme of the party along with all the activities. The best days to do a Book Launch Party are either Friday or Saturday, in order to get the most attendance. The time of day has a lot to do with the theme; it could easily be a picnic at the beach as a wine and cheese or masquerade during the evening.

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Print Bookmarks in Word

Convert Easily PDF File to Word Document

There are many different types of tools available to convert the document from one format to another. It gives you a complete control over the content of the file. A person can edit the content of the file from all aspects on converting the non-editable file to an editable one.

A non-editable file is good at making presentations and for transferring the data to the destination in a secure format. The advanced version of the Word document has been equipped with the security features. However, many people prefer PDF file format for security and Word is mainly used for editing and customizing the content.

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How to Perform Free Virus Removal on Your Computer

Suspected a virus activity in your computer recently? Are you worried to knees fearing valuable data loss or other severe problems in your computer? Do not worry as we have compiled a free virus removal guide that will help you not only remove virus but also block its recurrence in future.


Create a backup of your important data before you begin with the virus removal procedure. If you have an antivirus installed on your computer, check if it is working or not. Sometimes, a powerful virus disables your antivirus protection to intrude into your machine, causing massive data loss or other destructions. If the antivirus software is working, launch it and update with latest virus/spyware definitions. These definitions are small files that update your antivirus software about the behavior of existing and latest threats.

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Selling Bookmarks for Profit

Everyone has passions and interests that they can cash in on, even if they don't have the time to write an ebook. Where is this gold mine hiding? In your bookmarks, in your favorites file. Whetever you call it, there is money hiding there, just waiting for you to cash in on it.

No matter how strange and unusual your interests are, there are others out there that share the same passions that you have and if you can get them to the information quicker they will pay you, not much, maybe $5 but find 1000 of these people and you have created a small fortune.

What you are betting on is they don't have the time or knowledge to do the massive amount of searching that you are willing to do. But they will pay you to find this free info for them.

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Where Are Favorites in Chrome

Top 10 List of Recommended ActiveX Downloads

Internet Explorer 8 might have stiff competition from browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but it also has some rather outstanding features when you start to download the various add-ons available for IE. These ActiveX downloads are simple to install to your Internet Explorer and once you've added your favorites, you'll have a truly customized browsing experience. Need some suggestions to get started with your own add-ons for IE8? Here are a few that I like.

Where do ActiveX Plug-ins come from? Well, from all over. Popular (and trusted) download portals like CNET's have lots, but you can find any of those below by just searching for them in your favorite search engine. When you get to a site that offers to install the ActiveX control for you, a message bar will appear at the top of your IE screen. Give the site permission and it will install the plugin. Needless to say, there are hucksters out there, so make sure the download site is trustworthy before you proceed.

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Unarmed black teen shot and killed by Madison police officer – Wisconsin Gazette

Unarmed black teen shot and killed by Madison police officerWisconsin GazetteKoval, who said he went to Robinson's mother's house overnight and spoke with the 19-year-old's grandparents, expressed his sympathy Saturday, saying, “19 years old is too young.” The shooting came days after the U.S. Justice Department cleared Darren …and more »

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Printable Funeral Prayer Cards

Printable funeral prayer cards are easily obtainable by anyone who wishes to create this wonderful keepsake for a memorial service of a recent loved one's death. What does it mean to be printable? It simply means that you are able to print on demand right from your own computer rather than take it somewhere else to get printed.

These cards come in the form of templates which can be printed on letter size paper or perforated paper which eliminates the need to cut the individual cards. Once cut into each card, you can laminate the cards before distribution. Funeral prayer cards are often stacked by the guest book before the attendees enter the funeral service. Each family can then take one for a special remembrance of the deceased.

Because they are printable, you can print more if you need to, whenever you want to. That is one of the advantages of doing them yourself verses hiring a printer to do so or a resource that sells preprinted cards. Usually you are able to use the template multiple times and on as many computers as you like, but check with the online resource below to ensure that you can do so.

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Design and Print Bookmarks

Entice Your Customers With Colorful Bookmark Printing

Bookmarks are used as a smart way to categorize, refer and manage documents. The can be used in book reading as well. In fact, their main usage is book reading as they offer an easy to use tool for keeping in mind the page number of the book you read. Bookmarks come in various varieties. They can be informative, promotional or decorative. They may even have ribbons attached to them for ease of use.

There are various companies which offer bookmarks printing services. As bookmarks can be used as a cost effective tool for marketing, their demand has greatly increased. There are many things to take care of while creating stunning looking bookmark printing designs. The basic things to take care of include the design, content and the printing quality. It is very essential that a very good combination of these qualities should be used in order to print bookmarks without a match.

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Google Chrome Favorites List

30 Free Software Tools For Good Writers

It's true that talented writers can live with a pen and paper and go on to write masterpieces of their own. However, it doesn't hurt to have some great tools to assist them with their work. Believe it or not, there are some great freeware tools that all writers can use. I've personally used most of the software discussed here, and also included those with favorable reviews. Whatever they are, it would be smart to use them not only because they're free, but because they do a good job as well.


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